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Inside and out, break it down...

Base Model


This 29L trail ready adventure bag has been retrofitted with safety and comfort in mind for the RC enthusiast  

X-TRA - “ X-The Rig Apparatuses “ *Patent Pending


Powershift RC is the manufacturer of our products, using a blend of super strong PTTG and Nylon based filaments, along with their unique  printing process gives it additional strength. Our prototypes were developed from our own design and simple PLA prints, they performed 100% with out failure.  We are offering our customers a total guarantee and replacement policy on these parts.  

If you want to know more about the cutting edge products that Powershift RC is offering check them out today in the link below. 



It’s the simple science and the simplicity of the X-TRA ”The Rig Apparatus“is what makes it so special. This 2 part universal design working together makes this rig sling unique and suitable for this particular backpack.  *Patent Pending 

Stitching and Links


The stitches are doing the real work and holding things together, the magic comes from our assembly team and techniques they use, our seamstresses designed away that gives it additional strength and durability. Using good quality 8mm D links this is what gives this harness its universal stamp. 

got stuff?


Working with our wholesaler we started with a bag, giving us a the ideal platform. 

got tools?


Working with Powerhooby coming sandard with our RTR Base Model is the 6-1 Hex Driver Set. 

Designated Compartments


The front zippered compartment is the perfect universal spot for any of the controllers we have tested. Gives you more than enough space that can securing your TX and other personal items. 

Powerhobby LiPo Safe Storage Bag


Every backpack comes equipped with a  Powerhobby LiPo Storage bag standard, secured in a designated compartment but designed or quick removal in an emergency. 

Safety, check...


Probably the most important ingredient, comes standard with every backpack, we armed it with a First Aid Kit for yourself or someone else in need, a real be game changer in an emergency
Note- actual kits may vary from the photo 

Got patches?


Super strong high grade Velcro stripes totaling 18” has been added for your ability to show off your vendor pride and personalize your bag, your way. 

At A Glance-Trail Base Model


Introductory Sale Price $84.95

Base Model Includes 

  1. X-TRA ”The Rig Apparatus”   *Patent Pending 
  2. LiPo Safe Bag-Powerhobby
  3. 6-1  Hex Handle Set Powerhobby
  4. First Aid Kit 

BASE RETAIL $99.95 / MSRP $119.95